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Welcome from the Head of School

Dear Friends,

When you walk the campus of Hendricks, you can hear the sounds and feel the energy of passionate teachers and students immersed in the inspiring work of teaching and learning. At Hendricks, we believe that a great education is one that educates both students and families, and works in partnership with families to develop students to their potential academically, in character development, in creativity and social-emotional areas, as well as spiritually. Teachers and families, working in tandem, create the best arena for student growth and development.

Hendricks is nurturing and challenging, where teachers encourage students to think critically, where questions are more important than answers, and where learning, growth, and the pursuit of excellence shape students' experiences, both in and out of the classroom.

At Hendricks, we provide a rigorous curriculum, steeped in critical thinking and problem solving, building a strong and varied foundation for each student’s future. Meeting the needs of all learners through differentiation, we will support those students working above the curriculum and those needing additional support, while touching each student’s motivation. Exposure to and learning of the visual and performing arts, global languages and experiences of other cultures are essential facets in helping our students learn to see the world through the eyes of others.

Many opportunities outside the classroom, including a strong athletics program, field trips, community service opportunities, the arts and clubs, provide Hendricks students the chance to explore their passions and find their voices in the context of the supportive and nurturing Hendricks culture.

Our website is a glimpse of what we do at Hendricks. I do hope that you will visit us or reach out to one of us with a call or email. We are proud of what we do at Hendricks and are eager to share it with you!


Linda M. Johnson, Ed.D. 
Head of School

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