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Ways of Giving

Gifts of Cash

Personal checks and/or credit card payments are the most popular ways to make a gift to The Hendricks Fund.  Simply include your check or credit card information with The Hendricks Fund remittance envelope and return it to the school.

Online Giving 

Gifts by credit card can be made at here. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Monthly Gift Program

This program allows donors to make monthly installments. It is an easy way to increase the size of your gift by making monthly contributions and can be added to your monthly tuition statement for your convenience. For example: If a family decided to make a monthly contribution of $62.50 starting in November and ending in June the family would have contributed $500.00 to The Hendricks Fund. 

United Way

Allocate Hendricks when you give to the United Way. Our ID number is 00227 or just type in Hendricks Day School. Please indicate on your remittance envelope if you make your gift through the United Way.

Match Your Gift

There are many companies that match their employee's gifts.  For example, if a donor gives $2,500.00 to The Hendricks Fund, a matching gift company will also give $2,500.00 to Hendricks, and thus you, the donor, is credited with a $5,000 gift. Contact your human resources office to find out the necessary steps to submit a match request then forward the appropriate forms to Hendricks for completion.



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