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The Hendricks Fund FAQ

What is The Hendricks Fund and how is the money used?
The Hendricks Fund was established in 2000 and is the most important element of ongoing fundraising at Hendricks. Giving to The Hendricks Fund builds a special sense of community that is an integral part of our school.  The Hendricks Fund helps our school remain competitive while also addressing many needs of the school that are not covered by tuition. In recent years, donations have supported expanded resources, facility rejuvenation, technology advancements and tuition assistance.

Why doesn’t Hendricks increase tuition to cover the full cost of educating each student?
Large tuition increases may prohibit many families from obtaining a Hendricks education, and in turn alter the environment we strive to provide which encourages multiple perspectives, social responsibility and integrated learning. Through tax-deductible donations to The Hendricks Fund, we can keep tuition costs more affordable and also offer financial assistance to students.

How does my gift to The Hendricks Fund attract support from outside organizations?
Corporations, foundations and other friends of Hendricks look first at the voluntary support provided by Hendricks’ own community before deciding the level at which to support our school. A high participation rate from the Hendricks community is critical to receiving that funding. Every gift makes a difference.

How much should I give to The Hendricks Fund?
We ask our supporters to give to The Hendricks Fund at a level that is appropriate to their own budget and one that demonstrates their pride in being part of the Hendricks community. The strength of The Hendricks Fund comes from collective giving; one donor’s gift of $100, combined with another’s gift of $1,000, and still another’s $10,000 gift has an incredible impact on the Hendricks experience. Gifts of all sizes will be appreciatively received, economically utilized and acknowledged in the annual report.

How do I find out if my company offers a matching gift program?
Many companies will match their employees' gifts to Hendricks. Any matching gift will be combined with yours to determine the giving level at which you will be recognized. Contact your human resources department to determine if your company has a matching gift program.

What is the difference between annual and capital giving?
Annual gifts are used for annual expenses. Capital gifts are used for building and special projects. The Hendricks Fund helps us live, capital funds help us grow.

When does the Hendricks Fund begin and end each year?
The Hendricks Fund begins on July 1 and closes on June 30 each year.

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