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Middle School

National Junior Honor Society

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is an honor bestowed on middle school students at Hendricks Day School. The honor denotes much more than just an honor roll student. Many characteristics have been associated with the standards of this organization since the inception of NJHS in the early 1900's.

To be eligible, Hendricks students must meet and maintain the highest levels of academic achievement - a 3.5 GPA. Eligible candidates will be reviewed by the Faculty Council of Hendricks.

If accepted by the Faculty Council, the candidate will be formally inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. To be a member of the NJHS is to be recognized as a leader within the community, an achiever of academic excellence, and a role model of citizenship and sincere character.

Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Character, and Citizenship: These are the prestigious values of all members of the Hendricks Day School National Junior Honor Society. High schools are very impressed with students who have been awarded NJHS status. It is an award for which all students should strive.

Hendricks Day School is fortunate to have many students who are eligible for this prestigious recognition.

Student Council

The Hendricks Day School Student Council is a 12 member team of middle school students that represent their fellow classmates in a number of ways. There are two elected positions per grade level: President and Vice President (8th grade), Secretary and Treasurer (7th grade), Historian and Social Chairperson (6th grade). There is also a group of 6 class representatives that were runners up in their respective grade levels. Some of the responsibilities of the Student Council are to lead Middle School flagraising as well as several of the Gatherings throughout the year. They also help plan fundraisers for the school and other non-profit organizations.

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