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Enhanced Learning Program (ELP)

The Enhanced Learning Program provides the most effective, appropriate instruction for each student. The program is leveled to provide the type and amount of intervention needed. Students can attend specific classes, such as reading, English and/or math. In order to maximize the benefits of the program, class size and seats are limited.

Our Students

A student with learning differences has average or above average intelligence, yet may have processing challenges. The students who attend the Enhanced Learning Program thrive in an individualized, multi-sensory setting for parts of their day. The students we serve are bright, college bound and assets to our school community. We do not serve the needs of students with cognitive, emotional or behavioral issues.

Our Faculty

Our teachers have extensive backgrounds working with students with learning differences, many having Master's degrees. Trained educators implement multi-sensory interventions. The curriculum is individualized, carefully sequenced and delivered, based on each student's needs. Teachers meet students where they are, building a solid foundation of support for each child's continuing education.

Our Goal

Hendricks Day School combines solid academics with innovative educational practices that help each student achieve his or her potential, attend the high school of his or her choice and become the professionals they are capable of being.

For more information on what the Enhanced Learning Program has to offer as well as admission information and fees, click on the ELP Offerings attachment.

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