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Ms. Allie Scott
Ms. Allie Scott - 1st Grade
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Mrs. Tonya Elstein
Mrs. Tonya Elstein - 2nd Grade
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Mrs. Alexis Espey
Mrs. Alexis Espey - 3rd Grade
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Mrs. Nancy Thomas
Mrs. Nancy Thomas - 4th Grade
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Ms. Amba Kone
Ms. Amba Kone - 5th Grade
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Mrs. Darleen Finegan
Mrs. Darleen Finegan - ELP
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Mrs. Vanette Rehberg
Mrs. Vanette Rehberg - ELP
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Mrs. Dawn Thomas
Mrs. Dawn Thomas - ELP
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Mrs. Lauren Bayliss
Mrs. Lauren Bayliss - Art
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Mr. Peter Blay
Mr. Peter Blay - Science
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Mrs. Veronica Bolado
Mrs. Veronica Bolado - Spanish
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Mr. Mark Brown
Mr. Mark Brown - Technology
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Mrs. Andrea Porter
Mrs. Andrea Porter - Library
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Mrs. Chelsea Weise
Mrs. Chelsea Weise - Music
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