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Middle School at Hendricks Day School

The middle school years are important both academically and socially for children. While many parents are concerned with academic performance and how it will affect their child’s progression into high school, social development and encouraging independence is just as important at this stage. Our middle school program encompasses grades 6-8 and ensures that children are academically and developmentally ready to progress on to one of Jacksonville’s top high schools.

Encore classes

Encore classes prepare students to become well rounded and have a diverse cross section of interests outside of academics. From entrepreneurial skills to world languages, these skills can help students to gain confidence and give them basic knowledge to expand on through high school extracurricular programs or in their own time.

These resource classes include:

  • Yearbook
  • Yoga
  • Crochet
  • French
  • Photography
  • Criminal investigations
  • Engineering challenge
  • Yearbook
  • Musical theater
  • Drawing

Wheel Classes

Each student also takes the following Wheel classes each year. The students experience a taste of each of these and learn what they may want to know more about in high school.

Musical Lines
Global Science
Bootstrap I and II-computer design that teaches algebraic equations

A comfortable environment to grow and develop

Hendricks Day School is one of only a few local schools that allows children to stay in a familiar and safe environment as they finish middle school, thanks to our inclusion of Grade 8 classrooms. During these fast paced and confusing years, where children are developing into young adults and dealing with so many hormonal changes and adjustments, staying in a familiar environment can help them to feel secure and offer them the support they need.

Adventures encourage independence

Our middle school students take overnight and week long trips to immerse themselves in learning experiences that help to connect the curriculum with real life situations. Some of the destinations include:

  • Mountain Trail Outdoor School
  • Washington DC
  • Florida’s Emerald Coast

An athletics experience

Our soccer and volleyball teams are well known around the city thanks to the impressive record and good sportsmanship practiced by every player. Children who choose to play sports at Hendricks benefit from more time on the field than other teams, and every child gets a chance to play.  

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Softball
  • Volleyball
  • Cross country
  • Track
  • Baseball
  • Cheerleading

Preparing students to attend the best schools possible

When the time comes to progress, Hendricks students have a wealth of choice available to them. Graduates of Hendricks Day School are welcomed at a variety of the best local schools, including:

  • Atlantic Coast High School
  • Stanton College Preparatory School
  • Douglas Anderson School of the Arts
  • Bishop Kenny High School
  • AICE program at Mandarin High School
  • Bishop Kenny
  • The Bolles School
  • Episcopal
  • The IB Program at Paxon
  • Providence
  • St. Johns Country Day School

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