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Elementary Education at Hendricks Day School

Students enrolled in the elementary education program at Hendricks Day School are able to continue identifying their strengths and areas of interest in a safe and nurturing environment.  While expanding their knowledge of language arts, math, science and social studies, our elementary students are also learning critical thinking skills, allowing them to solve problems and make informed decisions.


The academic programs at Hendricks Day School are second to none, and help each child to gain a strong foundation to progress on to middle school. Based on the national standards, further enriched by our Hendricks standards, the curriculum introduces children to a variety of subjects to stimulate an interest in learning.

The Habits of Mind

In an uncertain world, raising a child who knows how to assess a situation and determine the best course of action is increasingly important. Hendricks Day School helps children to become critical thinkers by encouraging them to employ the habits of mind, a set of sixteen habits that are practiced by highly intelligent people. Starting to use these habits during the elementary years gives your child an ample amount of time to get comfortable with using them in real world situations. To learn more about the Habits of Mind, click here.


One of the key functions of the STEAM lab at Hendricks is not just to introduce children to new areas of learning, such as engineering and robotics, but also to get them excited in science and technology. Thanks to the differentiation approach taken by each teacher at Hendricks, each individual child is taught in a way that piques their interest and encourages their curiosity to develop.  Getting children to enjoy and appreciate science, technology and the arts at an early age is an easy way to aid in their development.

Resource Classes

Hendricks’ comprehensive program goes far beyond the core curriculum of English, reading, writing, math, science and social studies. Our students are exposed to advanced studies, the arts, technology, and other learning programs that nurture the whole child.  Our curriculum is complete, challenging and focused on what is important for each student - For Life. Elementary students enjoy the STEAM lab, art, music, Spanish, technology, library and physical education. Our resource teachers plan together for themed units of study that help the children to connect the concepts from their core classes to these resources and show children the way to use these resources to supplement learning.

Field Trips

Field trips are another opportunity for students to expand knowledge while connecting the concepts introduced in the classroom to the world around them. Our typical field trips include

  • Catty Shack Ranch
  • Alligator Farm
  • Aesop’s Fables performance
  • Tree Hill Nature Center
  • Old Florida Museum
  • Zoo
  • Theatre Works
  • Florida Agricultural Museum
  • Florida Theatre Nutcracker
  • Sally Corporation
  • Alhambra Dinner Theatre
  • Billie Swamp Safari
  • Jacksonville History Bus Tour
  • Jekyll Island 4 H Center

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