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Early Childhood Education

In our PK3, PK4 and Kindergarten programs, focus is placed on helping each child get familiar with and succeed in the classroom environment. Through our differentiated approach, teachers are able to adjust activities and assignments to fit each child’s level of understanding. With smaller class sizes than a typical early childhood environment, teachers are able to help children understand concepts rather than relying on worksheets and repetition to cement concepts in the young mind.

Critical Thinking

At the early childhood education level, critical thinking is encouraged as part of the whole group lesson and reinforced in smaller groups or individually with the teacher. Children can then begin to understand more complex concepts, such as the relationship between two items and the parts that make up a whole. In addition to academic development, children are also learning social skills and developing their own personalities at this age. Following classroom rules, understanding the importance of manners and seeing proper behavior modeled in the classroom are all critical to this growth and development. 


Children in the early childhood education program at Hendricks Day School are introduced to resource classes at an early age in order to foster a natural interest. The STEAM lab is a new addition to the Hendricks campus and allows even our youngest students to be introduced to concepts that broaden their understanding of life sciences, robotics, earth science and physical science. In addition to visiting the STEAM lab, students benefit from regular classes in Spanish, physical education, library and music.

A Personalized Education

At Hendricks, there is no need for children to change who they are in order to fit in. Our approach celebrates the unique personality and strengths of each child in the classroom, creating a safe environment for exploration and learning.

Field Trips

  • Publix behind the scenes tour
  • Fire station
  • Jacksonville Zoo
  • Diamond D Ranch
  • Theatreworks
  • Museum of Science and History
  • San Marco Theatre
  • Jacksonville Skyway
  • Museum of Contemporary Art

To visit our campus and tour the early childhood education classrooms, or to find out more about our programs, contact us today. 

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